Your Options in a Natural Stone Countertop

If you are doing a kitchen renovation or simply want to refresh your kitchen, one of the most important updates to make in a kitchen is the countertop. The countertop is the most heavily used area in the kitchen besides the flooring, but needs to hold up against varying kitchen situations ranging from liquids, heat, cold, acids, alcohols and much more. When installing a new countertop, it is important to use a material that meets and exceeds your family's demands. One of the best products to use are natural stones as they offer many benefits that are unrivaled by anything manmade.
Granite is the gold standard of natural stone countertops. Well known for their stunning beauty, incredible durability and timeless appeal, granite is a natural choice for a countertop. It is resistant to many things including heat, cold, scratches, and chips, and with proper sealing done annually, it will remain liquid resistant. Each piece of granite is entirely unique which makes the product similar to art in nature. Colours range to meet the demand of every person. Maintenance on a granite countertop is low, which is also a selling feature.
Soapstone is a natural stone that varies in durability based on many factors, and it is accordingly considered one of the softest materials used in countertop constructions. It is completely stain and heat resistant. Maintenance is a little bit intensive as it does scratch easily, but fortunately, those scratches are easily disguised with a little bit of polishing. Nevertheless, soapstone does have a very elegant look unlike any other natural stone.
Limestone offers a soft looking countertop to the kitchen. The colours are generally in creams, grays and other light neutral earthy tones. Because of their calming appearance, they are generally used for the bathroom sink countertop; however, they are increasingly in demand for the kitchen. The denser pieces of limestone especially work well in the kitchen. The only problem with limestone is they do not react favourably to acids.
Marble countertops are actually limestone that have been under extreme heat and pressure, which creates their beautiful appearance. With a smooth texture, and a very wide range of colours, marble appeals to the upper echelon of beauty lovers. It really is a stunning natural stone. Marble is waterproof as well as heatproof. It does require maintenance to keep it clean of acids and to clear up scratches, but for owners, the timeliness value of marble makes it well worth the investment of time.
Overall, natural stone countertops are the only suitable choice for your next kitchen upgrade. Combining the beauty of natural art and the durability of stone to deliver a timeless product that will last for decades makes for a high appeal. Granite, Marble, Limestone and Soapstone all offer different benefits to choose from and ultimately the decision comes down to what appeals to you.